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Using our prediction engine powered by statistics,  artificial neural network and some crazy maths that actually works.  

What makes us different

Our unique products and the way of engagement with customers make us special and valued.

Responsible Consulting

From requirement gathering to the final solution, a product manager for each client handle everything.

Flexible Engagement Model

Diferent subscription model tailored to suite each client needs. Unlimited number of product demos to help.

Compliance and Regulations

Concerns regarding your data privacy and security is respected and guranteed. We never re-sell your data.

Our Products

We belive in creating smart products that a buisness needs and here are our innovations are alined with it.



This is our predictive engine that combine time series data with additional variables to build forecasts for desirable days.

Snehal More
Owner, Aarambh Inc.
“We are based in Eindhoven, Netherlands and uses Openlabs:4Cast engine for our resturant chain. Its accurate prediction of the number of customer helped us to better manage our inventory.”

About Us


Our Mission

We have a very simple goal of making solutions to help businesses achieve their revenue goals today and in the future.

  • Effective Communication
  • Continuous Improvement
  • End-to-End Project Management

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Case Studies


Travel Industry

Roshan Mehta Jan 18, 2020 Openlabs:4Cast

Our product can be used for ticket sales prediction for different routes.

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Hotel Industry

Misal Raj March 7, 2020 Openlabs:4Cast

Our product can be used for better pricing in hotel chains.

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Resturant Chains

Roshan Mehta May 12, 2020 Openlabs:4Cast

Our product can be used for inventory management in resturant chains.

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